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How to be unstoppable

BE UNSTOPPABLE, the cry rings out across gyms throughout the land. Now I'm not here to tell you to stop or anything, but we're definitely going to take a moment to reflect. I think some of you might be misinterpreting the word 'unstoppable'. You can be unstoppable without being a twat about it.

Every day I speak to people who struggle keeping their fitness on track, who are in an 'all or nothing' fitness (and usually food) cycle. They'll be at the gym or classes or running 5, 6, 7 - sometimes more, every week. But it never lasts. Maybe a fortnight for some, or a month, a year for others. But then there'll be a gap in effort, a break from the habit. These people are yo-yo exercisers. In much the same way the yo-yo dieter fluctuates between binge and starve cycles, the yo-yo exerciser is utterly devoted to fitness... until they're not. They're completely unstoppable - and then they stop. Sometimes the habit is broken by an illness, or injury; sometimes a holiday, change in job or death in the family. It's usually not a conscious choice, it's a drifting away that then lasts for a prolonged period. This 'all or nothing' approach is obviously not working for everyone. It's a bit of a Weight Watchers hamster wheel cycle of 'success' (note to self - there's a blog post right there).

Being unstoppable needs to be exactly that. Don't stop. But that doesn't mean go mental and burn the fuck out asap. It doesn't mean fit to drop or adrenal fatigue. It doesn't mean dehydrated and malnourished. Unstoppable means simply, cannot be stopped. It is far better to be consistent in your approach than to get into this stop/start thing. I'm 'back on it'? Stop fucking getting off it. Consistency is where your long term results will be. Every day doesn't have to be turbo day, every day doesn't have to be marathon day, but in each day, try to find something to give your body to do. The activity levels that we find in every day are the ones that will cause a change in you. Do not kid yourself that one hour of exercise a week will have a profound effect on your physique. Likewise, working out for two months of the year will not result in year-round fitness levels.  I repeat, I'm not telling you to go to the gym every day. But on the days you don't have a formal fitness session, try a little walk, maybe to work, maybe even in your lunch hour. Take an hourly screen break and go get a glass of water UPSTAIRS.  Injured? You don't have to ditch everything. Try to work whichever bits still function. Poorly? Rest. For fuck's sake, rest. Schedule your next fitness session for two day's time. If you're still ill, reschedule. Never stop scheduling. The moment you stop planning, is the moment you drop the habit. Make sure your schedule is achievable. Don't cram absolutely everything in if you know you can't stick to it. 

On top of your schedule, don't be afraid of a bit of opportunism. Avoid that thing in your brain that tells you that all exercise lasts at least an hour. If I can't exercise for an hour then there's no point. Bullshit. Doing 10 minutes of literally anything is better than doing 10 minutes of nothing - AND it will make you more likely to do another 10 minutes when you're able. 20 - 40 minutes blasting something out is going to rock your world even harder if you've got time. If you drive everywhere, keep trainers and a change of clothes in your car. Remove the thing that you know will be your excuse. Buy a damn umbrella if you're scared of walking in the rain.

I'm coming across as pretty fucking wise right now, I know. I'm talking a lot of sense. You probably want to go and do some hill sprints straightaway. Well, go on then. I'm not going to stop you (and neither should you)  ;)



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