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Merry Christmas!

I always have a conscious end-of-year thought process, thinking about all of the things that have happened, all of the things that have changed, all of the things I was up to a year ago, 5 years ago, even 10...

I'm not religious but I do love Christmas. I love the smells, and the warmth, the lights, the decorations. I love how there's just one each year, and it forms a marker in my calendar for all the events of the year, kind of like a recap benchmark.

There are many reasons that this year has been a particularly emotional one for me, massive changes, ups and downs, transitions, independence and responsibility. Pretty much everything that has happened this year has terrified me in one way or another. This year, more than any other, not only has everything changed, I have become aware that I am able to change everything.

And the point of this post isn't really a tidy wrap up, or a poignant finishing thought. It's that, even when you're super scared, sometimes you just have to take action. Even when you think your biggest concerns are the opinions of others, look beyond all of that to establish how you will reflect upon your past year, and build the next one. Accept your failings, learn from your mistakes, remember that you will never be perfect, and you will never please everyone. *You* only get one life.

Now, you have my permission to eat that fucking cake and have a Baileys for breakfast. Merry Christmas!


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