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Terri ♡

This post isn't written by me and the picture isn't of me either. This is Terri, a beautiful friend, and client. I'm so proud of her I don't even have the words to express it properly. Everyone is in our lives for a reason and she absolutely lights mine up. What a superhero. 


I've been questioning for absolute months whether I should share a picture or not, but today, regardless of what any other person thinks, I'm doing it.

I'm doing it because I am so damn proud of myself. I'm doing it because effort pays off. No matter how small and slow the progress, for me just one hour of exercise a week (with at least 12 weeks of nothing due to injury) has slowly paid off and made a change.

I had no goals other than to exercise for my health and well being and maybe tone up along the way and tonight I sat questioning whether I looked ok, whether my muscles looked silly being so small, whether I was being big headed or vein - and then I realised, it didn't matter. Whether if the answer would be yes to all or none of those questions, it just didn't matter.

Everybody is different. People come in all shapes and sizes. And this is mine. This is my confidence taking one more big step forward and I'm sharing it with the world. No one else's opinion of me matters, because no one else is me. No one else knows the ups and downs I've been through. No one else knows the effort and the strength it took for me to come back from the dark.

It's time to believe in yourselves people, whatever path you may be on in life right now. Push forward. It's taken me a very long time to feel this great and it's been so worth it. Think highly of yourself, even if you're lying, tell yourself you're beautiful, strong, intelligent, better - whatever it may be - because you will eventually start to believe it.

I. Feel. Great. 😁


Merry Christmas!

Whose body is it anyway?