Based in Frome, somerset, #fitMess is a blog by Joanna Beale. Her posts draw on her work as a personal trainer, as well as her own personal past experience of significant obesity.  Her general focus is overall wellness and body positivity.

Why I love my work (part 1)

The picture in today's post makes me so proud of the little business I've built. Not just because of Cat's words and her epic bravery, but because of all of the people who welcomed her back, and who commented in the thread. I know how much of a big step it was for her to get through the door on Thursday night, because sometimes that's the most difficult part of getting down with your #fitMess. Every person in that room made her feel welcome because they all knew how it felt for her, and that means Epicocity is exactly the place I always wanted it to be. 

My vision was that my fitness studio would be a nurturing, non-judgmental space where anyone, of any age, size or shape, could come to get and stay fit. I wanted it to be intimate and cosy, without intimidation. Just fitness, smiles and a sense of belonging for anyone along for the ride.  I want everyone to share their challenges and not to be afraid of finding it tough. I want everyone to believe - to know - just because they can't do something right now, they will do it if they keep trying. Consistency over obligation, effort over showing off. 

'It's better to fall on your face than do a shit press up' , I wrote on the board once. Not because I want to see people fall on their faces (although it is funny as fuck, many thanks to Steve Urch for the many good times), but because it truly is more important always to be trying to improve than it is to take the easy way out. 

And that's why I love my job. Because some days it's easy to forget why you started something. But I'm surrounded by these amazing people who keep reminding me why it all began, why I need to keep trying, and why consistency, commitment and motivation really matter. 

Motivation doesn't happen until after you've taken a step or two. It is propelled by momentum, but you're the one who needs to make the first push to get going. After that, we can hustle each other along, keep poking, keep shouting, keep trying. The first five minutes of Day 1 is the only time you're going to be alone. Take the plunge; after that, we're all in it together ♡


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