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Why aging is harder for women

I've been working a lot lately (a LOT! Hence the lack of blogging) with women in their 40s and 50s and they all have very common worries, shared experiences and fears. Below is an article from Beauty Redefined (definitely worth a follow) that I feel sums up a lot of the media pressures we are subjected to as women who age.


We did not choose these 2 images at random. They are a nearly PERFECT case study to compare the vastly different way men's and women's faces are shown in advertising, because:

•Both of these images are for Chanel ads.

•Both were designed in the same year and placed within the same magazine.

•Both are celebrities of similar ages -- supermodel Linda Evangelista was 47 and Brad Pitt was 49 when these were taken.

•Both people have lived and aged and smiled and laughed and frowned and spent time in the sun and changed and grown older over time *like humans do,* but only one kind of human is allowed to show that reality.

•These images are perfectly representative of the ways men and women are depicted in media. If you're skeptical, please look for yourselves at how mind-blowingly different men's and women's faces look in magazines and all forms of advertising.

Please don't let yourself feel abnormal by comparing your own human face to the cartoon faces we're trained to view as normal for women. Those smooth, ageless, heavily made-up and altered images of faces are intentionally designed to provoke your anxiety so you'll buy whatever products and ideals they're selling. Look at other humans eye to eye for a beautiful reminder that our faces are an incredible living, changing, dynamic reality, while media faces are one-dimensional myth. 💗 /

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