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I always wished...

Just now I read a post by a thirty-something woman, lamenting that she wished she'd learned to sing. Cue nineteen voices in agreement, how wonderful it would have been to have danced, to have performed, to have learned to high jump ffs. How they wish they'd opened their own business, learned to fly a plane, bungee jumped, cave-crawled. How different life would be had they moved house, applied for a new job, auditioned for a role. The misty-eyed whimsy makes me vomit. 

Here's my question: Are you fucking dead?  Not even half way through your potential life span, and already consigned your dreams to the scrap heap. Not everyone will be a rock star or an operatic diva, but I can tell you exactly how fucking hard it is to learn how to sing:

Step 1: hire a good teacher

Step 2: learn to sing

It's like anything. Train, you'll get better. Don't know how to do something? Read. Learn. Focus. Practice. That is IT. Regret is bullshit, especially when it pertains to something you haven't done. Unless you're 107 and lying on your death bed, 'I wish...' is just procrastinating, attention-seeking craaaap. 

You wish you'd done it?  Or is it that you actually wish you weren't just that little bit too lazy to try?

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