Jo Beale

I was never meant to be a personal trainer. I never thought I’d ever exercise again, once I finished school, and was no longer forced into the ritual humiliation of annually coming last in the 1500 metres. At sixteen, I knew the pain of getting picked last for every sports team had come to an end, and I could finally step back from the mandatory ridicule of academic fitness, take a sweaty bow, and never cross the finish line in tears again. I worked hard at school, in every area except physical education. As the fat one, it simply wasn’t worth the perpetual shame to even get stuck in. Someone always had something to say about it, a judgment or an opinion to offer; usually unhelpful, always hurtful. I retreated within myself and, as a young adult, reached 284lbs (133kg / 21 stone). I found, at that weight, new kinds of pain, shame, and discomfort. I found a life of reclusiveness, fear, and ominous ill health. Since that point, my every effort has been to claim the life back that I have missed out on. I became a PT and a coach because I never want anyone to feel like there isn’t a way out of their situation. If I can help you to change something for the better, then you had better believe I’ll never give up on you. Everyone is capable of change. Everyone is capable of things they might only be dreaming of right now. I lost 170lbs, and of course, not everyone else is in the same boat. Extreme weight and fat loss is only part of the spectrum of services I offer - but it all starts at the same point: the desire to change. Whether you’re looking to lose fat, build muscle, gain confidence, or overcome obstacles, I want to help you find the strength to do that… because if I’d given up, I know I wouldn’t be here right now. Life is too short for you to be unhappy with anything you are able to change.

Jo :) @jobealept


About #fitmess: It all started when I MADE A TYPO…

'I think you should properly define #fitMess in order to capitalise on it'

So, I sat down and had a really fricking good think about it. I came up with starchy sounding dictionary definitions and up-my-own-arse terminologies that reflected a previous life in academia... but none of them felt right. What's my preoccupation with inventing words, someone asked me. And then, like a light bulb, it all clicked...

#fitMess is a bunch of different things to different people; it resonates because it's all about you, your struggle, the everyday bumpy road that takes you towards your goals. It's the everyday battle to balance your work, your life, your family and your needs. It's when your gym clothes don't match. EVER. It's the day you achieve greatness, and the week where everything sucks. It's the moments you're totally focused and it's the weakening of your resolve: it's the embracing of your imperfection. A quest for perfection is a sad, unfulfilled journey. #fitMess is never failing, because you're always trying. It's being your messyass self instead trying to fit into someone else's world of ideals. #fitMess is glory in making it through the gym door when you would've rather stayed at home. #fitMess is the acceptance that it's hard, but giving it a fucking good go anyway. It's the willingness to practice when you can't do something. It's not being ashamed to fall down because you are going to get back up. #fitMess is me, setbacks aplenty, dusting down, starting again. More importantly, #fitMess is you, coming for the ride, because we're all going to get there together.